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Help with the ordering process

There are two ways to order form Gumnut Toys:

How to order online

To process an order online you need to have a valid email address for us to send to you your order details. One of the most common problems with online ordering is incorrect email addresses or mistakes occurring when you enter your email address.

Step 1: Add items to your shopping cart

Note: There are three shipping methods: Pick up, Post and Express Post. Please refer to the table below for shipping costs. If you choose the Pick up or Express Post option, the shipping costs will be calculated manually before the payment is processed.

Shipping method Shipping costs
Pick up Free
Post (default method) Price calculated with country
Express Post Price calculated with country + $8

Step 2: Fill in your billing information

Step 3: Choose your payment method

Note: We don't accept Cheques or Cash when you order online.

Step 4: Payment details

Step 5: Process Order

Once your order is fully processed you will receive an email of the order details. If you do not receive the emailed order confirmation please click here to contact us.

How to order over the phone

Step 1: Choose your items

Step 2: Call us on 0412 732 067 to place your order

Step 3: Pick up your items

Step 4: Pay cash, money order, credit card or EFTPOS

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